Life’s too short for small talk

You know what’s sexy? A real conversation.
Talk about things that inspire your soul
and set your body on fire.
Things that define you and lift you up from no-names
asking you if you’re fine although they don’t really care.
Please promise me
you won’t settle for an ordinary life
even though it’s comfortable.

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These wrinkles shall be my witnesses

Consider your face as mirror of all your emotions, furthermore of your whole life. In small lines experiences slide through your skin, multiplying the older you become, getting deeper and finally they stay permanently. They may remember on honest joy, shared luck, deep sorrow and growing scepticism. Absurd how people try to hide behind poison and scalpels, drowning in obsession of eternal youth. Maybe easier said than done as long as you’re young. As soon as I reach high age, I want to look at my face contentedly and see all the signs steaming from a fulfilled life. At the end, all I want to say is: look at me! My skin may not be young and flawless, but it has seen and felt more than many others. I’ve enjoyed life with all sins and these wrinkles shall be my witnesses.

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